Streamline your golf league or tournament with our powerful management software.

Easy-to-use for both managers and golfers. No more spreadsheets, no more waiting around for results, no more headaches.

No credit card required.

Score Tracking

No more messy spreadsheets that you're responsible for. Golfers can enter their own scores. Got a few technically challenged golfers? No worries, you can still enter it for them like you used to.

Check out what kind of scoring we currently support in our FAQ section.

Schedule Builder

Give us your tee times and golfers, we'll do the rest. Your full season schedule planned out for as many weeks as you want. Don't use a schedule? No problem. You can take it round-by-round too.


Aside from standings, we track all kinds of fun stats like pars, birdies, average scores and more.

Skins and Other Games

Enjoy a beer after your round instead of figuring out who won skins. Everyone will know as soon as the round is done. We'll also tell you how much cash each winner gets.

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Not a fan of apps? No problem. Just use your mobile browser. It works great there, too.